No Room for Bed Bugs  ("nrCL") a
four leveled attack on Bed Bugs!
                      -Lure (sent)
                      -& CO2!
All in one affordable easy to use Bed Bug trap!

There's no room for bed bugs in my life! I need my sleep!

I have no room for bed bugs in my house or apartment!

Does this sound like anything your dealing with? 'No room for bed bugs' makes a bold claim, to "get rid of them all". Well they have in-fact the best Bed Bug attraction and trap device available anywhere in the world. It does not require any special skills or assembly, anyone can do it and it's 100% safe.

Have you ever heard of the Night Watch Bed Bug unit? Well it was a $450.00 dollar device that worked well, but "No Room for Cimex Lectularius", A.K.A "the nrCL", (because it sounds better then NRFBB) is well less than half the price of what the Night Watch was before being re-called, and it does even more then that thing did!!

The nrCL is the ONLY unit that has finally put all the pieces together for residential or commercial Bed Bug eradication. The nrCL Bed Bug trap uses heat to attract Bed Bugs, it uses a lure (sent), it uses high levels of C02 (over 300ppm is absolutely necessary to attract them, anything less is a waste of time and money) and the nrCL uses motion as well to attract Bed Bugs. All these things together make it an irresistible target for Bed Bugs.

You should in-fact be able to easily get rid of all the Bed Bugs with our Bed Bug trap and maybe a little patience.

If you have Bed Bugs, take ten minutes to read the following too see what your up against and how the nrCL can help you win the Bed Bug war every time. Check out the "How it works" page for even more information, above.

What about heat treating? Because you will drive the Bed Bug out into adjacent rooms and hidding places. They can easily come back now leaving you with two or more infected rooms / areas. To heat treat properly you need extreme temperatures, you need to not have fire sprinklers in the unit or you need to treat them from going off, you need to have the heat at the high temperature for hours at a time, even as long as 6! And you need to tape or cover up every single crack crevice, hole, gap, outlet, etc to prevent the Bed Bug from escaping. More over, many Bed Bugs will all ready be well hidden ready and able to escape (inside walls, under carpet and baseboards etc) before you've done all this work.

Bed bugs can survive for 7 minutes at 115 degrees and a lot of Fire Sprinkler systems go off at 135 degrees (others at around 160). So if you heat a floor to say 120 degrees, imagine what the temp could be at the ceiling! As well you need to sustain this temp. for several hours in order for it to penetrate deep into walls; Destroys your energy bill, is a one time "fix" and it pushes the bugs else where to hide or even come back later!

Okay, how about poison? Again, you may just drive bed bugs to other units or rooms. Also some bed bugs (more and more increasingly) are immune to many poisons legally on the market and being used to "treat them". The poisons not legally on the market are deadly to pets and people. Even at this the poison needs to be sprayed or applied directly onto a Bed Bug in many instances to kill it. And if poison is sprayed onto Bed Bug eggs, it will very likely have NO effect! reports that "16 states are reporting bed bugs that are completely resistant to Pyrethrins. In other words, most Bed Bugs are completely immune to pesticides". The best way really is to lure them all into an area and TRAP THEM! This is not a sales pitch, do the research for your self...

What about Diatomaceous earth and bed bugs? While bed bugs do not eat, Diatomaceous Earth states "it is easily picked up by the hairy bodies of most insects, whereupon it scratches through their protective wax layers and they also absorb some of this material. The result being that the insects lose water rapidly, dry up and die". No testing by the company has actually been done on bed bugs however. The amount of  "dust" you would need to have the aforementioned scenario work would be surely quite more then just a "dusting" of all your items and walls. More like mounds or piles of the stuff in all areas, cracks, crevices clothes etc.. you would then be left with the burden of cleaning it all up, and still having bed bugs!

During the 40s and 50s the use of DDT, which was developed as the first of the modern insecticides early in World War II, was popular, as it helped minimize the spread of bed bug infestations but was eventually outlawed due to concerns over their effects to humans.

"The nrCL" is your best money and time saving solution. It is SAFE to use and does not make any "magic potions" that the customer must purchase as needed. All ingredients are super easy to obtain and use. Further more the nrCL claims no secrets or gimmicks! Brunetti Designs is behind the creation, Design and Marketing of this Bed Bug Trap. Believing in honesty and good business, Brunetti Designs created this amazing bed bug device to be able to work with normal house hold products (putting out large amounts of C02 for 8 hours). Even the lure that works in the unit is given to the customer as an easy to make, 100% safe, ingredient (something naturally produced in organisms as a by-product of oxidative metabolism (Cellular respiration)).

The bottom line is getting rid of Bed Bugs so you or your residents can sleep sound. We should know! The sole creator of the device got an infestation in one of his own apartment units that came in through the walls of a new neighbor. After cleaning, heat treating, steam cleaning, having had the unit sprayed and even removing all items including the carpeting, he began doing mountains of research. Well, besides some small plastic trays or other "iffy" methods, there was no easy way that actually worked!

"No Room for Bed Bugs" was designed and tested in collaboration with apartment complexes and hotels in Denver Colorado. It was re-designed several times to be as effective as possibly possible until it was rock solid! The nrCL now creates a lot of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and is also adapted to work with Dry Ice if you so wish (creating even more C02). If dry ice is used by the way, the nrCL is insulated helping the dry ice last for as long as 20 hours. The standard method using the nrCL manages to create 312 ppm (parts per million) of C02 per hour for 8 hours (a total of 20 gallons). The ppm number quoted of 312 is in a 1000 cubic foot room (about 10 x 11 with 9' ceilings). Normal ambient C02 levels are around 300 to 400 ppm. AN ADDITIONAL 300 to 400 ppm of C02 is REQUIRED to even start to attract ANY BED BUGS. This is why the so called Bed Bug lures and traps you will find else where, will not work more then if a Bed Bug happens to stumble across it! That's the truth plain as day!

The EPA allows only 1000 ppm (0.1%) CO2 for continuous exposure. While that sounds like an easy number to achieve, please know the earth's surface is at a concentration of about 0.033% or 330 ppm. In any event it is not recommended to sleep in the same room as the nrCL when it is in use. This could only hinder the traps capabilities anyway. Our human bodies would be giving off heat and C02, only helping to confuse any Bed Bugs away from being traped. Anyway, and speaking from experience, I don't know about you but I can't even sleep in a room where there is any doubt in my mind of a lurking blood sucking Bed Bug!

Tips on Bed Bugs:
  • I've read in many places that drying your clothes and the like for 45 minutes or even run two cycles will kill the would-be bed bugs. In fact, in a typical dryer, the temperatures of the low, medium, and high settings are about 140, 150, and 180oF, respectively. A five-minute drying at any of these temperatures is generally considered enough to kill all stages of Bed Bugs.

  • When it is colder than 25 degrees F, you can place mattresses and furniture outside for several hours to kill Bed Bugs. Temperatures below 25 degrees F will freeze and kill Bed Bugs. Short of having a freeze ray (which would burst plumbing) or a Microwave gun (which would burn your house down and kill people on the other side of walls) the nrCL is your best bet!

  • There are at least 92 known species of Bed Bugs in the world today.

  • Yes. Bed Bugs leave their mark behind. The first, and most obvious sign, is their waste. As gross as it sounds, it’s one of the tell-tale signs of Bed Bugs (dots that look identical to the bullet points for this list). Other signs consists of different things such as blood markings (or smudges) on sheets and pillows, skin shed (like the skin of a peanut only smaller), eggs and bites onm your skin (red marks or rashes). I personally have been bitten, and found blood stains on my mattress in the morning. I know for fact the Bed Bugs that did this were not smashed. So the trails or stains of blood I found were from myself continuing to bleed after being bit (Bed Bugs do use an anticoagulant).

  • A Bed Bug can easily go six or seven months between feedings.

  • Bed Bugs only need to feed once a week so they can be difficult to diagnose. In addition, each person reacts differently to the bites and still others have no response at all (about 30%). Other people are very allergic to the bites and will have a severe rash-like symptom. Still others may have a delayed reaction and not show welts for several days. It can even take up to ten days for some people to show bite marks. And people like myself will actually get SCARS from Bed Bugs!!

  • There have been around 30 disease pathogens found in Bed Bugs, but none of these diseases have ever been transmitted to a human from the bite of a Bed Bug. Another report claims that bed bugs are capable of spreading blood infesting disease organisms that can affect the nervous system and digestive system. Children who live in an infested household tend to become listless and pale.

  • Some disease organisms found in bed bugs include anthrax, plague, typhus, tularemia, yellow fever and relapsing fever.

  • Adult Bed Bugs feed on their human hosts for 5 to 15 minutes at a time. If you move, rub or turn, then very quickly sence it much like trying to swat a fly. If not smashed (as is almost always the case) they will re-enter your skin bitting again and again until they are full.

  • Shaving cream has a disinfectant in it that purifies the skins and relieves itching for several hours. As well plain white vinegar applied with a cotton ball is reported to stop the itching.

  • "Nano patents and Innovations", Sweden, recently stated that researchers Lund and Sundsvall discovered that young Bed Bugs produce a smell that repels other Bed Bugs. It is hoped that these findings could contribute to more effective control of the blood-sucking insects. However this will again be a problem in hotels and apartments (potentially homes with many rooms as well).

  • A very good sign of Bed Bugs are little black dots, almost exactly like the ones used here as bullet points! These are Bed Bug droppings and they will be found on linens, walls and really just about anywhere!

  • If starved, the Bed Bug will come out in the day when it thinks there is a presence of a blood meal. However, they otherwise always feed from 12am to 5am. Thats why the Bed Bug trap, nrCL, is created to run for 7 to 8 hours before needing "refilled". You don't have to stay up until midnight or set a timer to start it. You can set it around 9pm and it will run until 5am. Yes we thought of (and tested) everything!

More good information on Bed Bugs here

Special acknowledgements to Dr. Dini Miller, Virginia Tech.

Howard Russell, Entomologist / Diagnostic Services
Michigan State University

Camilla Ryne and Jette Knudsen, Lund University

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Consumer and Environmental Health Services
Public Health, Sanitation and Safety Program
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