This bed bug trap is designed for anyone to be able to use. Bed bugs are not a recurring problem for most house holds. So as an Exterminator, Contractor, Hotel owner or  Apartment Complex you will find the system more advantageous to own then residents and single home owners.

Why use a bed bug trap? Heat, Chemicals, and even steam treatments have a high possibility of pushing bed bugs out into other units making an even bigger problem. Here are some more reasons:

  • Bed Bugs are difficult to notice
  • Reduce or eliminate bed bug insecticide
  • Reduce or eliminate steam and heat treatment work
  • Save your customers on labor cost and save yourself time digging through other peoples belongings, walls and so on
  • Detect infestations early
  • Stop Infestations from growing, and help guarantee your work and warranty
  • Greatly reduce the chance of having to re-visit customers for further bed bug problems
  • The nrCL bed bug trap is a set-and-forget device that runs on its own for 8 hours, and it only costs five dollars per use in materials
  • Chemicals can stain furniture. I know first hand!

If your looking for a contractor or bed bug exterminator to help you, simply visit Google and use the key words "bed bug exterminator" along with your state code (Colorado for example, CO). You can also have your contractor contact us for a discount on the best bed bug trap in the world.

Help stop the spread of bed bugs in your state! With nearly every threat of bed bugs in the United States gone in the 1950's, they are now back and spreading with ever easier and faster transportation through out the world. Exterminating them is a growing concern - Bed bugs are a growing problem.

People that know they have bed bugs, lose sleep which has a host of very severe negative effects. Not to mention the bites them selves which can be embarrassing, irritating and even cause allergic reactions and can also SCAR. I myself, creator of the nrCL have 6 bed bug scars on my left leg! If you are an exterminator of bed bugs, you already know all this. So lets help stop the spread by making bed bugs easy to trap!

Own a Hotel or Apartment Complex?

Have an easy to use inexpensive
system that works over and over
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Special acknowledgements to Dr. Dini Miller, Virginia Tech.

Howard Russell, Entomologist / Diagnostic Services
Michigan State University

Camilla Ryne and Jette Knudsen, Lund University

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Consumer and Environmental Health Services
Public Health, Sanitation and Safety Program