How the worlds best Bed Bug trap works & why it's better than anything else:

The worlds best Bed Bug Trap not only makes Carbon Dioxide but then warms it like as if it was a human or animal breath, and then also pushes it out into the room, like an exhale (not just letting the C02 leak out and drift slowly down to the floor). But that's not all! The nrCL also makes heat that acts as an attractant in of its-self, and it uses a lure (a smell) that is naturally produced in organisms as a by-product of oxidative metabolism (Cellular respiration))! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE - The nrCL also makes small movements, another thing that Bed Bugs use to hone in on to find a victim!

We also incorporated an insulated chamber allowing dry-ice to be used. It last for as long as 20 hours, sheltered away from heat that is simultaneously created. But the nrCL is made to primarily be used with safe house held substances instead of dry ice or expensive and dangerous CO2 canisters (16grams of CO2 is $9.97 plus tax). The nrCL produces roughly 1,000 grams C02 per use which costs about $4.35 plus tax. The nrCL gives off 312ppm per hour. A bed bug is attracted to a CO2 increase of 300 to 400ppm over the ambient level. Something a small plastic cup that's on the market today with a tiny mixture simply CAN NOT produce, let alone for 8 hours in a row!

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-When used in combination a lure (smell) + CO2 for a synergistic effect - the ppm (parts per million) of CO2 required can be as low as 75-150. This is well under what the nrCL produces making it VERY effective all around. This is still a level others bed bug units struggle greatly to achieve even without synergy.

-Grants the user a simple yet effective recipe for a bed bug lure. Sent is the least powerful of all bed bug methods of attraction but none-the-less the nrCL does incorporate it. We don't claim to have a secret recipe. We let you know the simple yet effective tools being put to work to aid in your Bed Bug war. The tools and recipes that others try to keep from you.

-Per Delcomyn, Fred, “Foundations of Neurobiology,” The first sign of human presence that an insect, including a bed bug, detects is motion. An insect’s photoreceptors respond sending a signal to the insect’s brain, causing a change in direction toward the source of the change (motion). As an insect gets closer to the potential meal, its chemoreceptors come into play. Humans give off carbon dioxide and lactic acid from their breath and skin that serve as attractants to insects. At very close ranges, a human’s body heat triggers the insect’s thermoreceptors. The insect has then found its meal. The bed bug trap, nrCL, gives off EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE! which bed bugs find irresistible!.

-Our bed bug unit is surrounded in warm heat (not too hot), bed bugs can detect just a 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature change. The placement of the chamber and heat is crucial. Bed bugs are instinctively driven towards what they think is a blood meal. Bed bugs will crawl to get up to the warmth and C02 source, and will then be trapped. Simple as that and it works amazingly well!

-The nrCL uses a full diameter pit-fall trap so no matter where a bed bug climbs to explore, it will be caught. The trap doesn't have just one or two sides with areas that a bed bug is supposed to use as a ramp and then fall in...the bed bugs don't work that way! =)

-Bed bugs can detect a person from 4.9 feet away. The nrCL gives off a lot more of everything then a human body. How far away from a bed bug can detect the nrCL is still in research but its been proven at as much as 14 feet, depending on conditions (room temp., drafts, obstacles, etc)!

-Natural pheromones (chemicals that bed bugs extrude) that others claim and use in their systems, have been found by Lund and Sundsvall per "Nano patents and Innovations" of Sweden, to actually do the opposite! Young bed bugs produce a smell that repels other bed bugs. "It is hoped that these findings could contribute to more effective control of the blood-sucking insects. However this will again be a problem in hotels and apartments (potentially homes with many rooms as well), as it just pushes bed bugs away next door where they will not only spread, but potentially also make there way back later on".

-There are no read outs giving off light. Bed bugs are nocturnal and before they fed on humans, they were in caves and places where animals slept. Needless to say, there were never any lights around. There are also no dials to adjust or temperatures to control. Just add two simple and cheap ingredients, plug in the bed bug trap, and go to bed (in a different room)!

-We took a hit on shipping rates on this one but the "No Room for Bed Bugs" trap is a good 18" round. This means its big enough to leave an extensive heat signature as well as C02 production that any bed bug easily hones in on.

More Q & A:

Why does the No Room for Bed Bugs system claim to be better then the $450.00 dollar Night Watch? The nrCL does not use lures that bed bugs produce which have been shown to actually repel other bed bugs away. The nrCL does not use unsafe means of Carbon Dioxide production such as pressurized C02 tanks.

The nrCL does not require the customer to ever re-purchase secret "antidotes" nor do we partake in any other sneaky tricks to nickel and dime.

The nrCL does not use any monitors or dials that need to be watched or that give off light to the nocturnal bed bug. This is also just another way in which our Bed Bug trap is more affordable.

Wouldn't it cost a lot to run this over and over? The first ingredient only cost .52 cents for 2 cups (16oz) which is enough to run the bed bug trap two times. You can check any local store near you for generic brand, it will not effect the quality or amount of C02 produced. The other ingredient on the other hand is more expensive but still pretty cheap. Its $3.83 a gallon which will run one time in the bed bug trap. When compared to C02 canisters and dry ice blocks, the nrCL is still less expensive to run!

Is it true you can catch all the bed bugs in a room with this trap? Given you follow the instructions and be patient, yes. Bed bugs may leave an area if they do not feed every 7 to 10 days. They will search for signs of life, which is exactly what the nrCL lends them to believe it is. There for they will be trapped, and not driven out into other rooms such as with steam, heat or chemicals. Just run the nrCL every night until you stop finding bed bugs! It depends on the size of the room, infestation and if other measures are being done by you or not in your Bed Bug war. 

Special acknowledgements to Delcomyn, Fred, “Foundations of Neurobiology,”

Lund and Sundsvall / "Nano patents and Innovations", Sweden

Megazyme International Ireland 2011

Dr. Miguel Bagajewicz
School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials

The nrCL extrudes CO2 as the worlds best bed bug trap.