When it comes to bed bug infestations nothing has been so widely cost effective and readily available for bed bug victims. Our bed bug trap was designed from the ground up keeping cost in mind. The nrCL bed bug trap is affordable and out performs anything else on the market. It is designed for Hotels, Apartment Buildings, and Land lords that may have a need for recurring bed bug incidents. However, there's no special license required, there is no assembly of parts, and operation couldn't be easier.

You may see some extreme deals such as $129.99 for a 2 visit treatment by an exterminator. All though that is the case for some, most people have far to much stuff with room/s that are too large to receive those prices. That's still a great deal but you would have to pay that price over and over each time you find bed bugs over the months or years of renting out, or managing a hotel.

What do you have to loose? Well besides sleep which is arguably one of the most important things for the human mind and body;
Your worst case scenario with our bed bug trap is one of two things.

1) You buy a large block of dry ice and save it in a well insulated cooler. Break off chunks filling the nrCL's reservoir half way. This will last you 3 to 6 days of using the nrCL bed bug trap each night. Repeat as needed.

2) Go to Costco or Sams Club (or any local store for that matter) buy in bulk (Generic is perfect) the ingredients needed for the nrCL. If used half way, 9.5 cups will last you 6 nights of use.

Bed bugs are not prejudice. They will feed on all, including kids and pets
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The nrCL bed bug trap is affordable & out performs everything
Did you know bed bugs do NOT simply die at 100 degrees. Even at 100 degrees, a bed bug would need to be held there (trapped) for roughly 6 hours before dying. Near this temperature the bed bug becomes active in seeking a new hiding place (usually a room on another side of a wall, floor or ceiling).
If your not convinced, you can always waste your time on other products. Go to the about bed bugs page to see all the hiding places they will be in to help realize what your up against.

Otherwise by all means hire professional help. That's one of the last things we finally tried when first getting bed bugs our selves. We don't need to be the ones to tell you how much that can end up costing. Google "Bed bug Exterminator" and get some quotes. We created the worlds best bed bug trap for the same reasons you need it.
Refunds for your own safety can not be excepted.
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