Some bed bugs are actually becoming immune to poisons. Exterminating them is a growing concern - Bed bugs are a growing problem.

The most responsible way to get rid of bed bugs is to trap them. This way you are not driving bed bugs into hiding to come back later or to hide and then leave eggs. You are also not driving bed bugs away into a neighboring home or apartment when you trap them.

Who is able to use a bed bug trap? Anyone! There is no age limit unless your going to be using one with dry ice, which is your discretion. Using the nrCL bed bug trap with it's harmless chemicals is especially simple. This proven bed bug trap can be a huge help to the following: General public, Single family home, Multiple residence, Commercial buildings, General Contractors, Government municipalities, Exterminators, Motel or Hotel Owner or management, Apartment Complexes and the list continues to grow as bed bugs spread like wild fire.

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Your worst case scenario with our bed bug trap is one of two things. 1) You buy a large block of dry ice and save it in a well insulated cooler. Break off chunks filling the nrCL's reservoir half way. This will last you 3 to 6 days of using the nrCL bed bug trap each night. Repeat as needed. 2) Go to Costco or Sams Club (or any local store for that matter) buy 3 gallons of product (Generic is perfect) and a box or two of other product (Generic or not). That's enough C02 production with the nrCL to last 3 nights. Repeat as needed until there are consistently no more bed bugs caught - and there gone - but always make sure of their source so the critters do not keep coming back!
This store actually closed because of a Bed Bug infestation!
Why else use a bed bug trap?

  • Bed Bugs are difficult to notice

  • The nrCL is less expensive and can be more effective then paid labor

  • Reduce or eliminate bed bug insecticide

  • You know for almost certain when they are gone, you no longer have any in your trap for at least 7 consecutive days.

  • It's anonymous and you don't need to let strangers into your home

  • Reduce or eliminate steam and heat treatment work

  • Save your customers on labor cost if your a contractor

  • Detect infestations early

  • No need for a warranty for extermination work, a trap is yours, use it as needed. 

  • Stop Infestations from growing, and help guarantee your work and warranty

  • Greatly reduce the chance of having to re-visit customers for further bed bug problems

  • The nrCL bed bug trap is a set-and-forget device that runs on its own for 8 hours, and it only costs five dollars per use in materials

  • Chemicals can stain furniture even if you have been promised otherwise. I know first hand!

  • Save countless hours of back breaking search-and-destroy work

They will hide almost anywhere!!